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8.2.2016 Lightspeed invests in a new high volume production scanning solution from Kodak Alaris saving money while broadening services offered to customers

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3.2.2016 SRDx - New Dust and Scratch Removal - Specially suited for Epson scanners that do not have an infrared channel.

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3.2.20166.1.2016 Buyers Lab Honors Kodak Alaris with 2016 Scanner Line of the Year and Three Winter Pick Awards

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21.1.2016 Imaging Resource - Non-infrared Dust & Scratch Removal

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8.1.2016 EzeScan to support Kodak Capture Pro Software with advanced integration connectors to eliminate manual processes and increase data accuracy

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5.1.2016 Kodak Alaris Takes Advantage of Google’s Weave IoT Platform to Simplify Document Capture for Mobile and Web Connected Users

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19.11.2015 The Resurgence of Optical Technology. Optical technology is beginning to enjoy a resurgence with many new improvements focused primarily on next generation BluRay™ technologies.

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12.10.2015 SilverFast 8.5 supports Mac OS X 10.11 El Capitan – SilverFast 8.5 scanner and HDR software runs natively on Intel Mac OS X systems from version 10.7 (including El Capitan 10.11). With the release of version 8.5, the SilverFast System Requirements have been changed, 32 bit operating system support has been discontinued.

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12.10.2015 Kodak Capture Pro Software helps businesses eliminate the hidden cost of bad data.

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8.9.2015 Kodak alaris. 75 Million Reasons Why Office Products Must Be Windows 10 Compatible

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20.8.2015 8/20/14 - ASTI Advances Safeguarding of Critical Enterprise Assets with New Encryption Module

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19.8.2015 DUBAI Professional Photographer Vineet Suthan introduces PrinTao 8 for Epson and Canon Large Format Printers

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11.8.2015 Kiel Save Photographies for the Future State Secretary Economic Affairs Dr. Nägele and the newspaper Kieler Nachrichten are visiting LaserSoft Imaging Copyright: Kieler Nachrichten KN: What has made it into the archive of a museum or a library, normally should be preserved for all times. However, humidity, light and dust often damage the archival material or even destroy it completely. The software manufacturer LaserSoft Imaging, located in Kiel, Germany, supports cultural institutions all over the world which are scanning their collections of analog image material.

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4.8.2015 KODAK Capture Pro Software Wins Buyers Lab Summer Pick Award for Second Consecutive Year

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22.7.2015 Data Archiving Leader Revives Magneto Optical Options After End-Of-Life Announcement

Lue lisää... SilverFast Contributes to Save Forgotten Rolls of Film
New Youtube Video introducing the Post-Production Workflow including SilverFas

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2.6.2015 Kodak alaris asking, who’s the boss? Are you controlling the paper in your operation or is it controlling you?

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22.5.2015 Powered by Kodak production scanners, MISL digitises The Royal Free Hospital’s medical files in record time

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10.5.2015 Data archiving Leader Alliance Storage Technologies, Inc, Announces New Website Launch

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7.5.2015 Five Reasons the Time is Now for a Kodak alasis Document Capture Makeover.

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5.3.2015 Kodak Alaris Wins BLI Awards with Workgroup Scanners that Accelerate Customer Transactions and Reduce IT Costs

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HP TeleForm

Intelligent classification, extraction, and process automation

Document Process Automation enables you to automate document processing and data extraction. Documents can be read using Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to support full text search, and information can be extracted from specific fields for comparison with or without entry into enterprise data systems. Sophisticated functionality like intelligent document recognition and classification enables forms to be recognized without user intervention, to streamline information extraction and process workflows. For example, the solution can recognize a scanned document as an invoice, automatically extract the purchase order numbers and line item amounts, communicate with the financial system, and if necessary, initiate an approval workflow based on the amount due. The document can then be filed into HP WorkSite or any other compatible document management system.

 Teleform  Pdf leaflet - esite




IRISDocument™ - Server


Convert your images to searchable,
structured and compressed documents

Automatic, server-based OCR solution Automatically convert huge volume of images into fully searchable, structured and hyper-compressed documents adapted for editing, short or long-term archiving.

The product eForm Suite extends your TeleForm solution with the ability to create intelligent PDF and HTML forms (so-called eForms), and to process these on an equal footing with paper based documents. Data is validated on entry, encrypted, sent and automatically processed. In the data export, eForm Suite creates an electronic confirmation and personalized forms. In this way, data capturing is fully automated, transparent and legally compliant for all parties involved. Since first being published in 2003, the product has been continuously developed and updated. The current version also supports tablets and smartphones and offers offline capabilities and camera support for capturing photos. Today more than 200 organizations work with the TeleForm eForm Suite solution.


Scan: your paper documents are scanned with an MFP or with a production scanner associated with IRISPowerscan™, I.R.I.S.' high-volume scanning application. They can also be classified and indexed thanks to extraction of key data like title, reference, author or date.

Import: electronic images are imported into IRISDocument™ Server from different sources (MFPs, scanners associated with IRISPowerscan™, folders, etc.). There are 2 different import mode:“batch processing" which handles very large batches of documents in one shot, and “watched folder” which processes paper documents as they are digitized.

Enhance images: image quality is improved; text orientation is detected and pages are deskewed when needed.

Recognize: the whole content of the document is automatically identified and the text is recognized thanks to embedded I.R.I.S. OCR technology.

Structure: your electronic files can be separated automatically via blank pages or barcodes. They can also be named automatically after those barcodes, or the first text line of the page. Finally, folders can be created based on of barcode values or image names.

Convert: you can transform your paper documents automatically into various electronic formats according to your needs. For instance, editable formats such as Word will let you update a document easily, while images or archiving formats such as PDF are more suitable for short or long-term archiving.

Highly-compress: your documents can be automatically converted into hyper-compressed PDF or XPS, up to 50 times smaller than the original size thanks to I.R.I.S.' unique iHQC™ technology.

Export: your documents can be exported to various destinations automatically. They can be emailed, exported to an FTP server, placed in a personal folder or shared network folder. They can also be exported to your back-end systems (Document Management Systems like Microsoft SharePoint™, Therefore™ or IRISNext™, Enterprise Content Management systems like FileNet™ or Documentum™, as well as any ERP, business application or database via custom connectors)


The Archive Appliance Express (AAE) is specifically designed to meet the professional archiving needs of small to medium-sized businesses. It combines the performance and simplicity of network attached RAID storage with the longevity and authenticity of UDO2 60GB media. This desktop or rack mount model, is excellent for very small applications where robotics are not required. The unit requires manual insertion and removal of UDO optical media. The AAE is equipped with a standard Storage Management System (SMS) with RAID that can be configured with 2 or 4, 1TB SATA drives for a maximum RAID capacity of 4TB RAW. The library is managed by the Archive Management Software application. Click on the link to the right to download the AAE datasheet

Network Attached Storage (NAS)

The pre-configured AMS, specifically designed for data archiving, provides a flexible system with all the capabilities necessary for proficiently and effectively archiving, managing, and randomly accessing data. Adaptable to any industry, business, or organization, the highly configurable and versatile software provides powerful policy-based control for data migration.


RAID and is then committed to UDO for long-term archiving, based on user-defined policies. RAID provides fast access to the most recently read or written files. The AAE supports RAID 1 and RAID 5 (reference RAID chart on back of datasheet).

Archive Management Software

The pre-configured AMS, specifically designed for data archiving, provides a flexible system with all the capabilities necessary for proficiently and effectively archiving, managing, and randomly accessing data. Adaptable to any industry, business, or organization, the highly configurable and versatile software provides powerful policy-based control for data migration.

Ultra Density Optical (UDO) Media

True WORM (Write-Once-Read-Many) UDO technology offers superior longevity and data authenticity making it a cornerstone for organizations that are subject to industry regulations that mandate record authenticity. Fifty-year UDO media life dramatically reduces media maintenance, decreases the frequency of data migrations, and provides very low total cost of ownership throughout the life of the archive. The UDO2 drive has backwards read capability and can read UDO1 media. .

Blending compliant archive storage technologies with the reliability, availability, and utility of the Cloud, ASTI delivers the next generation of data archive storage solutions designed to manage valuable digital content. Access, manage, and view all data anywhere within the archiving ecosystem as part of regular IT operations with onboard-integrated data management. The multifaceted architecture is equipped with features that address the contemporary requirementsdatastorage infrastructures such as compliance with industry regulations,disasterrecovery, high-availability and the benefits of the Cloud.

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The new Dimension of Scanning

LaserSoft Imaging has incorp-orated 25 years experience into the redevelop-ment of scanner software SilverFast. In combi-nation with a variety of inno vative ideas and the use of current software technology, SilverFast 8 has been created and continues the success as the world’s best scanner software.

SilverFast® is renowned as the worldwide standard when it comes to scanner software. SilverFast is able to bring out every device's maximum quality and considerably exceed the results of the manufacturer's own software.

Supported scanners

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Capture Pro Software Latest Version

Kodak alaris Capture Pro v5 -esite


New Kodak alaris i4000 Plus Series scanners


HP Scanjet Enterprise Flow N9120 Flatbed Scanner - esite


Archive Appliance Express (AAE) NAS

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Cloud-Integrated Storage Solutions (CiS)

Learn more about ASTI's CiS solution

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