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US Healthcare case study. A major US health system and school of medicine rolls out distributed capture to 400+ locations

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Oxford university hospitals' digital transformation Oxford University Hospitals' HR Achieves Paper-Light Status, Digital Transformation

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Upscaling Medical Records Scanning Kodak Alaris offers a fast, flexible and cost effective solution to messy patient files and high volume scan needs

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Digitizing Medical Files in Record Time Kodak Alaris scanners treat the Royal Free Hospital’s medical records

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Data Archiving Leader Alliance Storage Technologies, Inc. Releases Revolutionary New Data Archiving Storage Solution

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Alliance Storage Technologies, Inc., a New Sony Optical Disc Archive Solutions Reseller, Plans to Revolutionize Data Archiving Technology

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Data Archiving Leader: Optical Technology Best Option for Data Archiving

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ARC Document Solutions Gains Speed, Accuracy and Reliability with Scanners from Kodak Alaris

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New Program for Plasmon Data Archiving Library Customers Designed to Enhance Customer Satisfaction

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Upland Software Ensures the Highest Standards for Reliability and Performance with Certification of Kodak Alaris Scanners

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Kodak Alaris Offers New Photo Scanning Options to Meet Changing Demands of Digital Imaging Professionals

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Lightspeed invests in a new high volume production scanning solution from Kodak Alaris saving money while broadening services offered to customers

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SRDx - New Dust and Scratch Removal - Specially suited for Epson scanners that do not have an infrared channel.

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Imaging Resource - Non-infrared Dust & Scratch Removal

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HP TeleForm

Intelligent classification, extraction, and process automation

Document Process Automation enables you to automate document processing and data extraction. Documents can be read using Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to support full text search, and information can be extracted from specific fields for comparison with or without entry into enterprise data systems. Sophisticated functionality like intelligent document recognition and classification enables forms to be recognized without user intervention, to streamline information extraction and process workflows. For example, the solution can recognize a scanned document as an invoice, automatically extract the purchase order numbers and line item amounts, communicate with the financial system, and if necessary, initiate an approval workflow based on the amount due. The document can then be filed into HP WorkSite or any other compatible document management system.

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NETArchive Solution for Small to Medium Archives

Archives of any size require enterprise-level security, performance, preservation, and management. The NETArchive for small to medium archives delivers those qualities with an integrated solution that supports up to 15TB of nearline storage with an unlimited capacity for management of offlined media. All NA-S10 Network Attached solution components operate in synchronous to deliver high-performance and capacity in a single desktop mini-rack or standard A/V rack. System components include the Archive Management Software Pro (AMS Pro), Storage Management System (SMS) with RAID, and a NA-S10 library and drives. Systems can be configured with one or two drives and up to 10, 1.5TB media cartridges.

Archives of any size require enterprise-level security, performance, preservation, and management. The NET Archive  for small to medium archives delivers those qualities with an integrated solution that supports up to 15TB of nearline storage with an unlimited capacity for management of offlined media.

The NA-S10 S Series library and drives are integral to the network attached system, and operate in synch with the Archive Management Software (AMS) and the Storage Management System (SMS) with RAID. Optimized for an of fi ce environment, all components are conveniently mounted in an optional desktop mini-rack or standard rack.

NA-S10 libraries support up to ten, protected 1.5TB media cartridges that prevent human contact with actual media. The cartridges are loaded into the library via a convenient pullout drawer that enables rapid access and exchange. Library robotics include a fully automated media transport assembly that moves cartridges between slots and drives.

Libraries are con fi gured with up to two, high-performance NA-D77U drives. The advanced optical drive design features a multi-platter loading mechanism and dual optical heads and channels for faster reads and writes. Drives directly connect with the SMS via Super Speed USB 3.0 communications, ensuring the fastest speeds possible. An optional redundant power supply is available for high- availability.

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IRISDocument™ - Server

Convert your images to searchable,
structured and compressed documents

Automatic, server-based OCR solution Automatically convert huge volume of images into fully searchable, structured and hyper-compressed documents adapted for editing, short or long-term archiving.


Scan: your paper documents are scanned with an MFP or with a production scanner associated with IRISPowerscan™, I.R.I.S.' high-volume scanning application. They can also be classified and indexed thanks to extraction of key data like title, reference, author or date.

Import: electronic images are imported into IRISDocument™ Server from different sources (MFPs, scanners associated with IRISPowerscan™, folders, etc.). There are 2 different import mode:“batch processing" which handles very large batches of documents in one shot, and “watched folder” which processes paper documents as they are digitized.

Export: your documents can be exported to various destinations automatically. They can be emailed, exported to an FTP server, placed in a personal folder or shared network folder. They can also be exported to your back-end systems (Document Management Systems like Microsoft SharePoint™, Therefore™ or IRISNext™, Enterprise Content Management systems like FileNet™ or Documentum™, as well as any ERP, business application or database via custom connectors)


The new Dimension of Scanning

LaserSoft Imaging has incorp-orated 25 years experience into the redevelop-ment of scanner software SilverFast. In combi-nation with a variety of inno vative ideas and the use of current software technology, SilverFast 8 has been created and continues the success as the world’s best scanner software.

SilverFast® is renowned as the worldwide standard when it comes to scanner software. SilverFast is able to bring out every device's maximum quality and considerably exceed the results of the manufacturer's own software.

Supported scanners

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Kodak alaris Capture Pro v5 -esite


New Kodak alaris i4250 Plus Series scanners

HP Scanjet Enterprise

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Cloud-Integrated Storage Solutions (CiS)

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